Top 10 Reasons People Own Promotional Products

Understanding why an individual chooses to keep a product received provides key insight to which features are most valued. Unlike traditional advertising, whose sole purpose is to communicate a message, promotional products not only bring value to brands by effectively connecting with the recipient, but they also play a functional role within the consumer’s lifestyle.

Top 10 Reasons People Own Promotional Products

  1. Conversation Starter: very effective promos at trade shows can open conversations with prospects
  2. Cause Alignment: the right promos can verify to your customers what your core values are
  3. Luxury: many of the promos we offer are upscale, quality gifts
  4. Supports Brand: wearing a t-shirt or using a keychain of your favorite brand is your way of supporting them
  5. Easy to Reference: good promos with contact info on them like a magnet help your customers reach you
  6. Likes the Company Message: show you support your favorite companies by using their promos
  7. Memorable Value: taking home a promo from a special event is a great way to preserve the memories
  8. Fits Style / Personality: there are so many choices in promos, it’s certain the perfect one is out there for you.
  9. Enjoyable to Have: some promos are even fun!
  10. Useful: the best promos are practical

Are your brand’s promotional products useful and kept?

Excerpted with permission from PPAI January 2017

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