Is your brand relevant?

Today’s challenge is to keep your brand relative to your prospects. Advertising has experienced some major milestones. With the emergence of the printing press in the 1440s, television in the 1940s, and the latest technological advancements, brands have been presented with an endless stream of opportunities to deliver their message. Today, brand strategy relies deeply in ad relativity insights when weighing where to invest advertising dollars to make data-driven decisions. Luckily, promotional products stand out as the consumer’s choice in brand communication

Advertising Qualities

In order to deliver successful advertising messages, it is important to understand the wants and needs of a consumer. When consumers were asked what advertising qualities were important to them, most preferred visually appealing ads that clearly deliver a message. Promotional products are built to do just that with their physical and tangible features.

  • 65% preferred visual appeal
  • 60% preferred something that delivered a clear message
  • 47% wanted something personally relatable
  • 41% wanted something to provoke emotion
  • 27% preferred something to provoke action

How to Get Your Message Across?

When consumers rated the different advertising vehicles providing an incentive to act, promotional products were regarded as most effective by all generations. Other forms of advertising varied by age group.

How did each generation prioritize their choice of advertising method?

  • Millennials – promotional products, broadcast, online, mobile, and print
  • GenXers – promotional products, broadcast, online, print, mobile
  • Baby Boomers – promotional products, broadcast, print, online, mobile
  • Silent Generation – promotional products, print, broadcast, online, mobile

Excerpted with permission from PPAI January 2017

How are you staying in front of your clients / prospects?

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